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Good on What Grounds?
In this episode, we reflect on the grounding problem of ethics. On which foundation does our sense of right and wrong rest? How does the choice of that foundation impact public government? And on a personal level, if Christianity is a solid foundation, does it automatically confer moral superiority to those who adopt it? Read more

Morality, Customs, Laws and Hume’s Law
In this episode, we study Hume’s Law. Is it logically sound to extrapolate prescriptions from descriptions? How does this manifest in our worldviews and daily interactions? And what does it tell us about the relationship between morality, customs and laws? Read more

Discerning Facts from Opinion
In this episode, we look at the concept of falsifiability. What is it? How can it help us tell apart facts from opinions? And how can we use this to drive better conversations? Read more

An Unfinished Conversation
In this episode, we reflect on the recent transition of power in the US, the attention to the events leading to it, and how the crucial conversation of national unity is being left unfinished. Read more

Souls, Sparks and Purpose
We review Pixar’s latest movie, Soul. How does Disney get away with discussing the soul in popular media? How does its spiritual world compare to the Christian worldview? And what about its conclusions regarding purpose in this world? Listen through the end for a special gift today! Read more

The Great Reset
In this episode, we dissect the Great Reset. No conspiracies, no rumours – just facts. What exactly is the World Economic Forum proposing? How will it impact Canada’s federal budget and politics? And why is it conjuring so many dystopian ideas? Read more

Christmas Isn’t in the Culture
In our Christmas episode, we explore the presence, or the absence, of Christmas in the culture. What are the holidays about when life crashes to a halt? What does that mean for Christmas? We offer four things we can all practice this holiday season. Read more

2020 In (The) Books
In our “year in review” episode, we look at books that help us shape and deepen our understanding of contemporary philosophical issues. Specifically, we highlight “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” (Geisler/Turek, 2004), “Post-Christian: A Guide to Contemporary Thought and Culture” (Veith Jr., 2020), and “A God of Many Understandings: The Gospel and Theology of Religions” (Miles, 2010) Read more

What’s in a Conspiracy?
In this episode, we explore the phenomenon of conspiracy theories. How do they draw in people who are otherwise sensible? Is there a biblical viewpoint on this topic? How can we have better conversations with conspiracy theorists? Read more

Laying the Foundation
In this episode, we lay the foundation for the square. How do you expose Christian worldviews to a world increasingly lacking biblical context? Other worldviews make it into public discourse by disguising as science or reason. What do you do about this? Read more