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Kingdom and Monarchy
It’s Victoria Day weekend in Canada, and we reflect on the concepts of monarchy and kingdom. What is the role of monarchies today? What does the Bible say about various forms of government? And as the modern notion of monarchy declines, is the idea of God’s kingdom still relevant? Read more

News Round-Up (May 2021)
This is our May news round-up, and we analyse the COVID-19 vaccine ramp up in Canada, and Epicurious’s ban on beef. Read more

Toe Which Line?
In this episode we discuss success and compromise. What does it mean to succeed? Can it be done without compromising? And how do rigorous and deeply held worldviews interact with flexible and relative issues? Read more

News Round-up - mid-April 2021
This is your mid-April news round-up. We discuss Prince Philip’s death, Bill C-233 on sex-selective abortion, and the impending federal budget. Read more

In this episode, we explore the definition of nature. What exactly does this word mean? Where do these meanings come from? And how do they shape our policies and interactions with it? Read more

It’s a Miracle! (Part 2)
In this episode, we discuss the resurrection of Jesus. Do we have the right historical record? Is it trustworthy and credible? What do we do with the facts and the evidence around it? Read more

It’s a Miracle! (Part 1)
In this episode, we discuss miracles. What are they? How have philosophers thought about them? Can they still happen today? Read more

Episode the Thirteenth
This is Episode 13, and we talk about superstition. Why is this prevalent across cultures and eras? Is it an innocent amusement, or a dangerous belief? And how, if at all, are religion and superstition related? Read more

The Problem of Evil
In this episode we look at the Problem of Evil. Is it logically sound to conclude there’s no God because there is evil? How do we think through this problem? And what does it seem to tell us about ourselves? Read more

Whose Right Is It Anyway?
In this episode, we discuss how basic rights are guaranteed and evolved, specifically in the context of Bill C-7. Why did a Quebec court impose a deadline on federal Parliament? Is there such a thing as a right to die with dignity? And what are the trade-offs between elected and appointed powers when it comes to rights? Read more