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Christian commentary on worldviews and news trends, in twenty minutes or less. New episodes every week (or two).
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The Myth of Progress
In this episode we discuss the myth of progress. Is civilization a linear, cumulative, and irreversible progression? How does this fit in the liberal versus conservative spectrum? And what role, if any, does Christianity have in this idea? Read more

Church and State (and You and Me)
In this episode, we discuss the relationship between religion and public life. What is the separation of church and state? How is it legally established and supported? And how do we think through the related foundational concept of freedom of religion? Read more

Repositioning Science
In this episode, we seek to reposition science. How and why did science lose its authority in society? How does this manifest in present day themes? And how do we reposition it in our daily interactions? Read more

A Brief Theology of Work
In this episode, we discuss a theology of work. Is work a virtue or a punishment? What’s the end game for increased productivity and shorter work weeks? Is there a biblical angle to all this? Let’s work it out! Read more

Be Nice, Get Help, Go to Heaven?
In this episode, we look at Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. What is it? How is it different than true Christianity? And how does it reinforce the need to deeply understand our beliefs? Read more

As Good as It Gets?
Is this world as we know it the best of all possible worlds? What is the role of evil in this assessment? And is the verdict clearly split along theistic lines? Read more

Life Beyond Earth
In this episode, we discuss extraterrestrial life. Why do we care so much about it? What does this teach us about philosophy, science, and the origin of life? And what would confirming alien life mean for Christianity? Read more

The Matter of Meaning
In this episode, we look at the essence of meaning. What is meaning? How does it relate to language and reality? And how do we explain the power of language even when the message isn’t true or just? Read more

It Says… It Means…
We look at ways to arrive at the meaning of a text. What is the role of the author, the text, its context, and the reader, in determining meaning? How does shifting focus between them change our interpretation of the text? What are the implications for laws and societies? Read more

In Spirit and Letter
We visit the basic but relevant concept of the spirit of the law vs the letter of the law. Why are gaps introduced between a rule’s intent and its articulation? What does this tell us about the lawmaking process, and about our own integrity and motivation as individual actors? And how do we apply this to contemporary issues? Read more