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The Religion of Marxism
In this episode we explore the relationship between Marxism and religion. What exactly did Marx mean with his infamous “opium of the people” quote? How were his thoughts related to scientism and the problem of evil? And how did an atheist ideology spawn one of the worst religions ever to ravage humanity? Read more

The Joke’s On You
In this episode, we explore the mechanics of humor. How does it work? Why is it effective in political and social commentary? And how do some scholars see the same patterns at work in the Gospel? Read more

Non-Technical Issues
In this episode, we discuss the relationship between technology and reality. Should we set limits to technology? How do we choose them? And is it legitimate to declare that a problem is technical just because we uncover a technical solution? Read more

News Round-up (January 2022)
In this episode, we discuss the Age of Omicron, the James Webb Space Telescope, and utilitarianism and the decline of Christianity. Read more

It’s a Wrap!
This is 2021’s year-in-review episode, where we talk about relevant news, reading books, and ideas for the year ahead. Read more

One Year In
This is our anniversary episode, and I look back on the show one year later, and comment on The Most Reluctant Convert, the recent CS Lewis biopic, on the occasion of his own birthday and death anniversaries. Read more

In Good Conscience
In this episode, we analyze the idea of conscience. What is its origin? How does it relate to our morality? And what is the importance of laws and government protecting it? Read more

Just War Theory
In this episode, we look at just war theory. Is war ever justified? What grounds the ethical criteria to enter and conduct war? And how does this fit with Christianity’s individual conduct codes and the idea of pacifism? Read more

Uni, Multi, Sim, Meta
In this episode, we explore alternatives to the concept of universe. What is the philosophy behind the multiverse, metaverse, and simulation theory? Does science play any role in them? And how do we frame these concepts in a biblical world? Read more

Fighting for Real
In this episode, we discuss the fight for reality. Why do societies lose their shared definition of truth? How does this complicate conversations? And how can we think intentionally about this? Read more